Shooting album campaigns for record labels took me into directing promos and commercials. A distinct visual sensibility with a love of honest performance led me into the world of sports and celebrities. From Lionel Messi at 10,000fps and Lewis Hamilton dodging clay pigeons to Richard Branson’s opening-a-chamgagne-bottle-with-a-sword trick and Jessie J’s teen riot on the top of a bus, I’ve worked some magic from some narrow windows. One spot turned into an observational documentary project, following Man United footballer Rio Ferdinand for a year in ‘What Rio Did…’. Recently live events have drawn on my commercial experience and I’ve filmed everything from an epic Puma campaign projected onto a wall of water infront of the London Eye at night to staging an hour of live tv on the streets of central London for McDonalds, traffic included. Writing is key to what I do, ‘Northwestern’ is a feature length screenplay of mine that can be read here and we’ve just finished a new short film ‘Stay Woke’ (the last one ‘Internal’ was selected by The British Council for international representation). Somehow I’ve also just completed an MA in Fine Art this year. Being a director for me is about the chance to tell stories that are diverse and personal, to capture characters that feel authentic and engaged, and to invent new visual experiences that excite the eyes and speak to many. Its an exciting role, one I’m proud of.

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